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Is your budget looking a little tight? You shouldn't have to go without just because prices are rising out of control. Mum's Bin & Discount Store helps you shop for less in Bridgeport, NY. We're a local discount store that welcomes everyone. With some items marked down as much as 70%, you're sure to find a deal when you shop with us.

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We're experienced in helping you

Mum's Bin & Discount Store is the place to be in Bridgeport, NY. With over 25 years of experience, our friendly team members know how to help you find great deals. We mark down retail items as much as possible, and we're proud to help members of our community shop for less. If you need any help finding a specific item or staying within your budget, our team members will be happy to help you.

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Why should you stop by?

Whether you're looking for a deal or just seeing what we have in stock, you'll love our shop. At our local discount store, you can:

  • Find great products listed at up to 70% below retail price
  • Participate in games like spinning our prize wheel for a dollar
  • Support the community as all game proceeds go to the community

Everything in our discount bin store is marked down below the original retail price. You'll find deals ranging from up to 70% off depending on the item. To see what kind of deals you can find, visit our discount bin store today.